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Principles and Choice of Laser Treatment in Der...
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This book describes the principles of laser treatment in dermatology and, taking into account these principles, provides clinicans with clear, up-to-date guidance on choice of the appropriate laser and parameters for different skin conditions. The aim is to provide a gold standard laser reference book that will meet the needs of those who are already performing laser surgery as well as novices to the field. Readers will find readily understandable coverage of both basic and advanced laser theory. Based on this theory, the authors proceed to explain all the considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing laser systems and parameters for a variety of indications, including all relevant vascular and pigmented lesions and the removal of hair, scars, and tattoos. Close attention is paid to the skin characteristics of Asians and the impacts of these characteristics on parameter selection. In addition, a separate chapter is devoted to the efficacy and safety of laser treatment of melasma, a common disease in Asians.

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