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Forever Young: An Anti-Ageing Guide for the Ter...
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Terrified of growing older? Let’s be real: ageing happens to us all. You look in the mirror one day and find that first wrinkle, that first grey hair, that sagging neck…you think your life is over, that you’ll never again be the carefree, confident woman you once were.Yes, you can fight back. Just because we all get older doesn’t mean we have to take it lying down. Cutting-edge research has given us plentiful ways to turn back the clock, from quick fixes at your local beauty salon to revolutionary body sculpting surgery.A women’s beauty guide like no other. Never afraid to try something new, Alexandra has done the hard work for you. She has first-hand experience of every single strategy described in her book, detailing the ins and outs and giving a brutally honest overview to help you decide. No matter your experience, fear levels or budget, Alexandra has you covered.Must you really suffer to stay beautiful? Whether you’re a beauty addict or a total newbie, there’s a wealth of options to consider. Complex procedures aren’t always the most painful, and the simplest treatments can be the most effective. Will Botox smooth your wrinkles without pain? Is laser hair removal worth the cost? You won’t find a single sales pitch or corporate lie in this book – just Alexandra’s authentic opinion. Guaranteed.Feel like your best self again.Alexandra Filia is a savvy businesswoman, amateur adventurer, and devoted mother who has travelled the world. Her beauty adventures are laid bare in this book to help busy women who aren’t yet ready to look and feel old. With Alexandra’s encouragement and straightforward advice, you’ll channel your fear into powerful confidence. Don’t waste money. Don’t waste precious time. It’s time to begin your journey back to the real YOU! What are you waiting for? In this no-nonsense guide to anti-ageing strategies, you’ll learn: 1. Language: English. Narrator: Kelly Anne Sanders. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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